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Mooring Service & Maintenance

As per Marine and Safety Tasmania (Mast) mooring permit holders are required to maintain their moorings in the appointed place and in good order and condition and have the mooring lifted and inspected at least once every two years.  Most insurance companies require an annual service.


Lift & Clean

We lift all moorings and clean all parts with a 3400psi high pressure cleaner.


Our vessel is large enough to layout the full length of your mooring tackle so we can inspect the swivels, shackle, chain links and rope and measure it to ensure it complies with Mast requirements.


We measure the chain and other tackle for wear and replace as required. All new shackles are secured with monel wire and cable ties.

Mooring Installation

Mooring Installation

We will work with you and Mast to ensure the correct location and configuration for your new mooring.

Check the Mast website for more information and an application form


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